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Paradox Ventures Portfolio

Who do we work with?

At Paradox Ventures, we invest in companies with strong ideas and a clear plan for success. Take a look at our portfolio to learn more about our past investments and to see some of the companies we are currently funding.

Client 8


An excellent partnership

Itaka was one of the first companies we invested in and its founders were a big factor in our decision. Their great success proved that our initial decision to invest in them was the right one.

Client 2


Collaborations well done

When we first met the owners of Hexa, we knew we had discovered something truly special. Since we made our first investment, other companies have also seen the potential and Hexa looks set to have a big impact on the industry.

Client 3


Shared vision

We were Targo's only Series A investor, which was a great indication of our trust and belief in each other. Since then, Targo has become one of the best-known companies in its field.

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