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Investing in the future of Latin America

We focus on doing what was thought impossible

We are Paradox Ventures, the first investment program created by lawyers. 


We invest working capital of up to $80,000 USD in startups with an exponential technology base in exchange for 8% of their capital, terms and conditions apply.

What will we give you in exchange?

How to make your business possible and the legal structure to achieve it.

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About us

In Paradox Ventures, our goal is to help entrepreneurs with potential turn their dreams into successful companies. 

We invest for the long term and understand that success requires hard work, dedication and pure perseverance. Therefore, from the early stages, we personally guide entrepreneurs, providing them with all the resources and expert advice they need to generate the best execution of their idea.

Paradox Ventures was founded by Legal Paradox® entrepreneurs, part of the 2% of the best lawyers in the world and rated as the most Disruptive Digital lawyers in Mexico.


Collaborators. Visionaries.

At Paradox Ventures, we have partnered with top entrepreneurs across multiple industries and sectors. Take a look at some of the great companies that are part of our portfolio.




When we first met Fondeadora, we were part of Mexico's first equity crowdfunding investment, and although that project didn't go well, we knew immediately that we had discovered something truly special. Therefore, after the sale of the crowdfunding business to Kickstarter, we decided to believe in the team and invest in their capital round to create what they call "the account you have always wanted."


Rivium | Sylon Asesores, S.A. of C.V.

Shared vision

We were the first to invest in Rivium, which was a great indication of our trust and belief in each other so that you can invest and change your future. 

Client 3

Deducar, S.A.S.

An excellent partnership

Deducar was the first company in which we invested.



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